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As travelers we get to enjoy the most beautiful and diverse places in the world every day. We are aware of the negative impact of tourism displacement on climate change. As a travel brand, Buvanha would like to contribute to preserving the places that we like to visit and that are often rich in biodiversity. We do this by producing our travel towels in the most sustainable way possible. And by working together with the non-profit organization 'one tree planted', with which we plant a tree for every towel we sell online. In this way, we are actively committed to having a positive effect on the world in this way.

Handdoek gemaakt van gerecycled materiaal
A towel made from recycled plastic bottles ♻

Yes, you read that right, our towels are made from recycled plastic bottles. Or also recycled polyester.

First, plastic bottles, which are at the end of their life cycle (PCR), are collected and thoroughly cleaned. These are then processed into small beads, which are melted down and turned into wire. We weave our Buvanha towels with this thread.

We would like to prove that a more sustainable production process can go hand-in-hand with the functionality, style and comfort of the modern travel towel in 2022.

Global Recycled Standard

Our towels are in accordance with the guidelines of the 'Global Recycled Standard'. Companies from more than 50 countries are members of this organization that attach great importance to the social, ecological and chemical impact of their products.

global recycle standard logo
Ultieme reishanddoek van Buvanha
Buvanha sustainable mission
100% recycled by 2023

Buvanha is currently able to make part of the travel towels from recycled material. But our mission is to make the entire travel towel from recycled material in the year 2023. This way we limit our footprint even further and create the ultimate travel towel.

Every Buvanha towel = 🌳

In addition to the sustainable production of our travel towels, we also want to give something back, in order to preserve the places that you and I enjoy so much as travelers. That is why we have decided to plant a tree for every Buvanha towel sold online in collaboration with the organization 'One tree planted'.

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Wat is One Tree Planted?

As an organization, One Tree Planted is committed to the environment and partners with individuals and businesses to give back to the world. By planting trees, the organization helps create a healthier climate, protects biodiversity and helps with reforestation around the world.

They started in 2014 by planting a few thousand trees. Now 6 years later, it has planned 15 million trees in 2020. Together with many volunteers and local organizations in North America, South America, Asia and Africa who help to get as many trees in the ground as possible.

Onetreeplanted is een organisatie dat zich in zet voor een gezonder klimaat. Dit doen ze door zoals op de foto te zien, bomen te planten.


Planting trees is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to help nature restore lost landscapes, increase biodiversity and offset carbon emissions.

Here are the top 5 benefits of planting trees.



Trees help to clean the air we breathe. Through their leaves, branches and bark they absorb harmful substances (particularly CO2) and release clean oxygen through photosynthesis.

sociale impact


The impact of the forestry sector is particularly large locally. For example, trees provide employment for many local people and provide local people with a livelihood.



Trees play a key role in collecting rainwater and reducing the risk of natural disasters such as floods and landslides.

De uil staat voor de biodiversiteit die bomen leveren.


A place with trees is an important habitat for many animals . A single tree can host hundreds of species of insects, fungi, mosses, mammals and plants. Many animals cannot survive without this habitat.

Iemand die heerlijk aan het geniet is van de natuur vanuit de hangmat. Dit heeft ze te danken aan alle bomen die in de ongerepte natuur staan.


Nature ensures that we relax. But did you also know that trees in particular have a positive effect on stress and anxiety? Research shows that trees release a substance that reduces your stress hormones.

Buvanha plant bomen In Rwanda samen met Onetreeplanted. Deze mooie plek in Afrika wordt in samenwerking met kleine boeren weer opgebouwd tot een mooi stukje natuur.
Central Africa
We plant in Rwanda

Rwanda's Gishwati-Mukura forests once covered 253,000 hectares. As a result of, among other things, illegal mining, only 1.5% of this is left. Small farmers in particular have adverse consequences. One tree planted will plant trees here together with 2000 local farmers to prevent natural disasters and to achieve food security. By planting tree tomatoes, lemon and avocado trees, among other things. In addition, this also helps local farmers to generate a steady income.

There are now 2011 🌳 planned in Rwanda!

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bossen van boven
One tree planted

Read more about the organization

We are doing even more for our sustainable mission

For example, we have had custom boxes made so that the Postman can take more with him, we use recycled packaging and cards, we color the towel in a sustainable way and much more. If you have any questions or need information click here to contact us.